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Online Education

Online education and learning is expanding at a rapid pace.  Now anyone with a computer and an internet connection can attend free classes from North America's premier institutions including Harvard and MIT.  For free!  Of course, not everyone is eager to devote time to learning about nanotechnology or astrophysics.  Not to worry!  There are all kinds of online instructional tools ranging from learning to braid hair in less than 10 minutes, to 6 week self-improvement MOOCs (massively open online courses) led by authoritative instructors.  Try one out and let us know if you like it!

udemyudemy -- Your place to learn real world skills online.  Some of these courses cost money, but there are many listed for free.


TEDTED -- If you don't want to take a course, but still want to learn something new or listen to interesting ideas, TED talks is a great place to start. Search for ideas that interest you.


Course sitesCourseSites -- Self-enroll by creating a simple account.  Courses from many respected academic institutions.


edxedX - Study, have fun, uncover a new passion or learn skills that just may change your life.


khan academyKhan Academy - Test prep, math, arts, science and more. All free.


NovoEdNovoED - Free courses from thought leaders and distinguished professors from top universities.  A good source for business and entrepreneurship education.


Open UniversityThe Open University on iTunes U - Based in Europe, the Open University's mission is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas.


Mango LanguagesMango Languages - A simple, self-paced way to learn a large number of languages covering vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Listen and repeat back to perfect your accent. Also includes ESL for German speakers.


YouTubeYouTube -- A great source for how-to videos. From do-it-yourself repairs to hair and makeup tips, everyone is eager to share their know-how on you tube. If you need assistance with new gadget, try searching the name with "out of the box".  For software assistance, type the full name and version for tips and tricks.