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Family History Resources

Try the following resources if you are just beginning your research into your family history.

It is important to determine the location to begin your search (did your ancestors live in a specific area of Elgin County, in another area of Ontario, or another province or country?) It is also helpful to specify the approximate date, or date range when your ancestors lived.
Staff members at all Elgin County Library branches are happy to assist you by recommending resources where you can begin your search.

The following websites will be useful in taking the first steps:

Elgin County Branch, The Ontario Genealogical Society
Discovering your roots in Elgin

Elgin County Archives
Using the Archives

Archives of Ontario 
Discovering Your Family History: Getting Started 

Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Genealogy Centre
Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada 

National Archives - United Kingdom
Research Guide:  Looking for a Person? 

U.S. National Archives
Starting Genealogy and Family History Research

The following books can be borrowed from any Elgin County branch Library, and may assist you in planning, and proceeding with your search: